Reopening Your Business After Covid 19

We all know that small businesses have has taken a huge hit as a result of COVID 19. As unknown as these times are, we’re also witnessing an amazing transformation as many industries reinvent themselves to stay current with immediate community and customer needs, stay relevant within the industry, and keep jobs and sales up as best they can. While born out of necessity, the change in operations has brought about some inventive ideas and are helping establishments stay operational in the midst of safer-at-home ordinances.

Looking toward the future, we are left with more questions than answers. What effect will the current adaptations have? Will this pandemic create new norms and standards?

The New Normal

Addressing the environmental impact of today’s current state is something we cannot put off until tomorrow. We need to explore and switch to recyclable and compostable materials to lessen excessive waste now. Currently, many restaurants are packaging takeout and delivery orders in plastic bags and providing disposable cutlery, plates, napkins, etc. As a result, we are experiencing an increase of single use materials and packaging options and more waste materials.

Examples of environmentally friendly packaging.


The in-restaurant eating experience will also require change. It’s expected that customers will flock to establishments once allowed to safely return to public spaces. To help customers feel comfortable and immediately know what is clean and sanitized when dining in-store, we will need increased signage and messaging throughout stores. In-store creative will be key to addressing new and additional needs, reassuring customers of their in-store safety and company’s commitment to health and customer care, and reflecting the new policies of each establishment as a result of this COVID-19 crisis.

In-store creative will be key to addressing new and additional needs, reassuring customers of their in-store safety and small business’ commitment to health.

Anticipating what will be needed in the months ahead and having the assets ready upon reopening is a great way to ensure your business is ready to usher in your customers to this new era. The extra measures you take to visibly alert and reassure your customers of your commitment to safety and health will earn your customers’ loyalty and trust. Your company’s longevity directly relates to your customers’ patronage. 

As we push further into this uncharted territory, we’ll continue to see how establishments evolve to fit changing needs and expectations of the current landscape and the post COVID 19 world. This will be an ongoing process and a series of industry improvements and adaptation, but this is an industry of constant evolution. And as we’ve seen over the past several weeks in particular, we will rise to the challenge.

We Hope These Ready-to-go Signs will Help as you Reopen Your Business:


Scout Driscoll is the CEO and Principal Designer of DesignScout, an award-winning brand evolution and restaurant design firm specializing in food and beverage consumer brands.